Blood Pressure Myth-Busting & Sodium Truths

Health magazines damn it. Foods labels trumpet their lack of it. Doctors caution using it. Everyone seems to be avoiding it. But at what cost? I’m talking about sodium – or rather, table salt (sodium chloride). Given the current health media messages, you might think that sodium was toxic. A menace to the body. Well ... Read More

Social Isolation can Cause Disease

Read this article by Dr. Mark Hyman and learn how social isolation can cause disease. New research shows that social separation is a larger cause of disease and death than poor nutrition, lack of exercise or smoking.  Every day, we are discovering in the medical world, that having COMMUNITY is a bigger driver of your ... Read More

How to Protect Your Skin

Read this article by Dr. Mark Hyman on how to remove toxins and protect your skin. I'd like to give you some simple steps on how you can remove toxins and protect your skin. Did you know that what you put on your skin matters as much as what you eat? Skin problems can be ... Read More

Why Exercise is Important

Read this article by Dr. Mark Hyman. This is what he has to say:Time only moves forward, whether we move with it or stand still, watching it pass us by. And a sedentary life is as deadly as smoking and stress.Movement is one of the most wonderful parts of life. From children who fearlessly run ... Read More

How to Lose Weight

I'm reaching out to you to talk about weight loss because I want you to have the freedom I have now. You know that magic pills don't. You also know that the more you try, the more heartbreaking it is when your efforts don't give you what you want. What I know about weight loss is that it's complicated ... Read More

Why Sleep is Important

Read this fascinating article by Dr. Mark Hyman on sleep. Dr. Hyman writes: Today, I want to give you some powerful information to support your best life. One of the fastest ways to restore and to improve health, is to get more sleep. Sounds so simple, but most people aren't getting enough. At one time ... Read More

How to Detoxify your Kitchen

Read this intriguing article by Dr. Hyman about how to detoxify your kitchen. This will provide you with a healthy kitchen so that you can be well on your way to optimal health: Dr. Hyman writes: Today’s fun brain health challenge is all about the kitchen. It’s important to remember that the food industry holds ... Read More

HBH’s Top 13 Tenets for Health-Part 2

In the vein of minimizing inflammation and avoiding toxicity and reducing stress/anxiety, we believe these tenets can be helpful to everyone. 8. Avoid fluoride. Don't use fluoride-containing toothpaste or seek fluoride treatments at the dentist. Does it kill bacteria in the mouth? Yes. Does it increase calcium uptake in teeth? Yes. But likely at very high ... Read More

Stop Obsessing Over Calories

This is our first installment of our "Myths About Weight Loss" series. We want to inspire you to have a happy belly, balanced body, mind, and spirit, and especially to prioritize your good health. Myth #1: Counting calories is the best way for sustainable weight loss. The theory that calorie reduction will drive sustained weight loss is a huge myth. It's ... Read More

Happy Belly Health’s “Cheat Sheet”

The 22 most important facts to consider for optimal health 1. In some way, all disease begins in the gut. You are what you absorb. The bacteria in our gut out-number our cells by a ratio of 10:1. Our health depends on their health and balance (e.g. probiotics, fiber, minimum medications, no sucralose, low sugar) ... Read More