We Invite You to Treat Yourself Right

Happy Belly Health steered me in the right direction and kept reminding me of how unique my body is. What may work for others won't necessarily work for me, and I have to respect that.   — Frances G.   How to Build a Better Body Image   When it comes to body image, nothing is ... Read More

Put Down That Magazine, Turn Off That TV

I'd highly recommend seeing Happy Belly Health. They won't sell you on some diet fad or miracle supplement... she'll do the research to find out what YOUR body needs and then roll up her sleeves with you and get to work. - Kelli L. How to Build a Better Body Image Society places enormous value on how ... Read More

Healthy Eating: 10 Myths Debunked

The classic USDA Food Pyramid has been turned upside down as we’ve learned more and more about what “healthy eating” means and how personal it is. We spoke with Shanti Pappas, functional medicine health coach and owner of Happy Belly Health, which is based in San Francisco but serves clients everywhere. Shanti gave us the ... Read More

It’s Not Because You Don’t Have Enough Self-Control

I'm feeling the best I've ever felt. I've lost almost 15 pounds and am no longer plagued with a bad attitude toward food.— Catherine O.How to Build a Better Body ImageWe have all been conditioned to think that if we’re overweight, it’s because we’re lazy and lack self-control. If we could just stick to that ... Read More

Are Your Bowel Movements Normal?

  The characteristics of your bowel movements will tell you a good deal about how healthy your gut is. Read more to find out if you are having normal BMs.   How often should you have a bowel movement? Most people find that once to twice a day feels about right. Our bowel movements (“BMs”) ... Read More

Fat is Not Your Enemy

  Amazing. I feel so knowledgeable about my diet that I can't thank her enough. I'm in control of what I eat, so I feel much better. I’m healthy, finally! - Cindy R.     How to Build a Better Body Image Creating a better body image goes hand in hand with becoming a healthier ... Read More

We Love You Just the Way You Are

    As someone who struggled with body image and unhealthy eating habits, I’m in a better place now then I ever thought possible. It's still something I have to be mindful of every single day, but having the key insights that Happy Belly Health provided me has made all the difference. — Gina S., Los ... Read More

Coconut Butter Bread

    Here's a recipe borrowed from The Heal Your Gut Cookbook by Chelsea Green Publishing that you'll love. This bread works for sandwiches as well as burger buns. It’s a good idea to double the recipe. It’s best sliced and toasted.   Ingredients: 1 cup coconut butter 5 eggs at room temperature 1/4 cup coconut ... Read More

Drink water to replace food?

  How thirsty are you, anyway?     Don't get us wrong: we are huge advocates for drinking lots and lots of water. Just... not to replace food. Water, as almighty as it is, simply can't do that. Here's why.     Top 5 Myths About Weight Loss   Myth #5: Filling Up on Water Curbs Hunger ... Read More

Go ahead and eat!

    Go ahead and eat! Want to lose weight? Don't eat! Right? So wrong. Skipping meals might seem like a great way to shed pounds, but this technique does not feed the body in a nutritious way, and can really backfire.   Myth #4: Skipping Meals Is the Key to Losing Weight   It's a Weight Loss Myth that skipping ... Read More